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Katherine Morton, Professional Editor

Bringing out the best in your writing

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Helping you get your message across as clearly as possible, whether you need heavy structural editing, thorough copy editing, light proofreading, fact checking, or formatting. I can help get your manuscript or documents to the finish line, saving you time and ensuring correctness, consistency, accuracy, and completeness.


A good editor doesn't rewrite words, she rewires synapses.
—S. Kelley Harrell









I am Katherine Morton, MBA, BA, a professional editor providing high-quality services to academia, corporations, governments, nonprofits, and individuals. I have extensive experience working with multilingual writers, editing with plain language principles, and guiding on conscious language. I follow Editors Canada's Professional Editorial Standards.

I am a fifth-generation Albertan—a settler descendant from where the Bow and Elbow Rivers meet. The Blackfoot name is Mohkinstsis, which is also called Calgary. But I didn’t stay long. I studied French in Québec and France, taught English in Japan, and completed international MBA studies in Germany, Mexico, and the Philippines. I worked in international development in dozens of countries and travelled to dozens more—70 countries collected so far, with a love of culture, language, and people. I’m based in Toronto, Canada and still globetrotting.

With over 20 years of international experience and an editing certificate from Simon Fraser University, I can bring out the best in your writing.

Katherine has light skin, long blond hair, and blue eyes. She's smiling and wearing a red patterned scarf. There is a grey stone wall behind her.

Editors Canada Certified Copy Editor

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American Copy Editors Society member

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Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading


Plain Canada member

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Secret security clearance

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  • Corporate, nonprofit, and academic proposals

  • Large nonprofit government reports

  • Grant applications

  • Business, strategic, and operational plans

  • Annual reports and market reports

  • Corporate and educational manuals

  • Journal articles (business, economics, sciences, social sciences, humanities)

  • Academic/teaching dossiers and applications

  • Theses/dissertations (business, economics, engineering, sciences, social sciences, humanities)

  • Course materials and textbooks

  • Nonfiction books and book chapters

  • Concept notes

  • Policy and position papers

  • Newsletters

  • Newspaper and magazine articles

  • Press releases

  • Marketing materials

  • Blogs and web copy

  • Contracts

  • Résumés and CVs


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We were faced with an aggressive deadline for a proposal response for a public sector client and had multiple content contributors from around the world. We needed a professional editor to ensure the final submission was of the highest quality and reflected 'one voice.' Katherine jumped in immediately and produced exactly what we were looking for. Katherine is an amazing communicator and editor with strong attention to detail and a keen eye.
—Chantal Milloy, Co-founder & COO at Levvel



I approached Katherine to do the English editing on a journal article for publication. She was fast and concise in her edits, which was crucial because English editing was a requirement for acceptance of the article. I appreciated her work and asked her to do the English editing on another article for a different journal. Again, her work was top quality and crucial for publication. I would be pleased to continue working with Katherine and by all means I would recommend her to everyone who needs excellent editing!
—Bosiljka Djikanovic Tetikovic, Professor at University of Belgrade


Katherine was responsible for overall design and final editing of major donor reports. She worked with Canadian-based colleagues, as well as local partners in about a dozen countries, to create succinct, comprehensive documents, consistent across style, syntax, and grammar. Her editing and writing skills are second-to-none. Our government donors and partners continuously remarked on the quality and comprehensiveness of the reports that Katherine produced.
—Steve Mason, Regional Director, North America at Aga Khan Foundation Canada


I approached Katherine to help me with my academic dossier. My timeline was short, I was still working on documents, and I needed everything copy edited and formatted professionally into one document. Katherine worked closely with me, providing advice on the content and structure of my dossier, copy editing over 80 pages of content, quickly querying issues to ensure accuracy and consistency, and providing me with a completed, professionally edited, and professionally formatted document in time to reach my deadline. I highly recommend Katherine’s academic editing services.
—Dr. Phani Radhakrishnan PhD., Associate Professor at University of Toronto


I had to quickly create a CV for a board position. A long-term employee, I hadn’t created a CV in many years so had to start from scratch. Katherine came to the rescue, quickly streamlining my CV, making it succinct and concise. She also edited my cover letter, suggesting structural changes, removing repetition, and cleaning up language so that it was clear and professional. I highly recommend Katherine’s editing services.
—Rachel Kimber, Director of Business Operations at Kaplan International Pathways




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